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 Mr. Pott's Protein Chip's


All New & No Artificial Anything!!!

Mr. Pott's Protein Chip's were 1st launched last summer "2019".  We filled the shelves of 711 stores, conveniences stores, gas stations and local health stores throughout the New York and New Jersey areas. We listened to our costumers and what mattered to them most. We decided to strip are product for all artificial additives.  Now this coming summer we will be coming out with our Protein Seasoned Potato Chips with Electrolytes with a healthier  makeover! With NO artificial ingredients , low salt,  and Great Tasting.  Honey BBQ, Sourcream & Onion, Jalapeno and new Ouch Hot Nacho! Such a demand for the hot flavors we will be adding more yummy hot flavors soon after    

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